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Lone Star Buddhist Meditation Center

Mahamevnawa Texas

The lone star Buddhist Meditation Center of Texas is a place for you to learn and practice the authentic teachings of the Buddha. We are a part of the ancient Theravada Buddhist Tradition which began 2600 years ago. We provide a variety of activities and meditation classes for both Buddhists and non-Buddhists who are interested in Buddhism and Theravada Buddhist Meditation. All the activities here are led by Buddhist Monks trained in the ancient Pali scriptures. We offer our all activities for free of charge to the public. You will find a friendly welcoming atmosphere when you visit out monastery. We hope by experiencing the teachings of the Buddha, you will find a path towed building a more joyful and compassionate life, for yourself and those you hold dear. Never been here before? Find out what to expect .

“Theravada Buddhism

We are part of the oldest living Buddhist tradition in the world, Theravada. The teachings come from the Buddha named Siddhartha Gautama, often referred to as the historical Buddha. He was born in India over 2,500 years ago and discovered not only the cause of suffering in the world but the way to completely eliminate all forms of suffering, large and small. Because this teaching was available to everyone with a sincere interest in practicing it, a group of enlightened disciples formed around him, known as the Noble Sangha.

New Meditation and Enrichment Center

New Meditation and Enrichment

Meritorious devotees of the Supreme Buddha,

We plan to accomplish the great feat of creating this wonderful monastery in Texas. In order to spread the noble teachings of the Buddha throughout Texas and the entire country, you have an excellent opportunity to collect great merits by donating and making this glorious deed possible for all who may have an interest in the teachings of the Buddha!

Groundbreaking Ceremony

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