Arahant Vandana and Chanting Book
This is the text of the paying homage to the Arahant (Enlightened monks) in Pali and English Download PDF

Vandana Chanting Book
This is the text of the chanting service we do here in Pali and English Download PDF

Paritta Book Sample
This is a sample of the first 28 pages of our Mahamevnawa Pali-English Paritta Chanting Book. It has some of the most important scriptures that we chant. Download PDF Sample.
(You can purchase the complete book from and

Pali Chanting
These are recordings of the Pali language parts of the chanting we do. You can download them by clicking on download button.

Guided Meditation Recordings
This is the basic loving-kindness meditation that we do at many of the meditation programs here. Download the text below. You can download by clicking on download button Download Audio MP3

Dhamma Talk recordings
To listen to talks given at the monastery, visit the Audio Recording page.

These are the texts of the guided meditations we do here. Download PDF
Loving Kindness meditation text (see audio above) Download PDF

These are the pamphlets we give out at the monastery:

Other things…