Excerpt from  www.mahamevnawabm.org

What do Buddhists believe?

In general, Buddhists believe:

  • We are all responsible for our own actions.
  • Unwholesome actions eventually bring negative results; wholesome actions eventually bring positive results.
  • We are all responsible for our own happiness.
  • Humans have the ability, with their own effort, to give up greed and hatred and delusion.
  • True happiness doesn’t come from our material possessions.

Specifically, they believe

  • The Buddha, named Gautama, discovered the true nature of reality.
  • He discovered the cause of suffering, craving, and the way to end it.
  • With this understanding, he attained enlightenment, completely removing the roots of greed, hatred, and delusion from his mind.
  • He taught these truths to the world and this information is still available to us today.
  • By practicing these teachings, others have also completely ended suffering in their lives.

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